You should have already heard that the best combination when searching for your product is high demand + low competition. Let's talk a bit more about low competition.

Low competition - is your chance to enter the market. The lower it is – the higher are your chances to succeed with this particular product.

There is one way to define the competition simply by looking at the number of product reviews.


Product listings that have a high number of reviews are typically more competitive and here is why:

  • lots of reviews means a lot of real people are talking about this product. It makes the listing look much more trustworthy and much more likely to convert;

  • they have a long selling history and Amazon takes this into account in its ranking algorithm, thus it goes higher in search results.

Where to find this number

You can easily access the number of reviews in your Product finder:

Additionally, you can check product reviews number over time in Product details. It's obvious that the number will be always growing, however, it's a way to check if they are associated with any product update, season, or holiday.

One more opportunity is to set a certain number of reviews when doing your searches:

Products found, what's next?

Once you found a few products that you could possibly sell, it's time to think of an additional value you can offer to your customers. Where to find these ideas? Let's take a look at the reviews once again.

Now it's time to read what people really think of this product. And the best feedback here will be hidden under the lowest rating:

Room for improvement

Choose the one where you feel you can be better in:

  • think of improving product quality itself

  • consider different packing options: sell more or fewer units per box

  • add some small present or a beautiful gift pack

  • create better marketing, think about product naming, positioning, and ideology

  • create a better listing: write better descriptions, add high-quality pictures

  • think of better targeting

Good luck with your research!

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