Once you've discovered a few great product ideas, you need to store them somewhere. It's important to make sure these products do have demand before you invest your money.

We call this product storage Bookmarks. Here are a few ways to add and organize your products in this database.

1) From the Product Finder

Once you found some interesting products, look for this link to the right:

Then you should choose a group to save this product to. You can choose the one you created before, or create a new one right here:

All the products you bookmarked will be saved under the Bookmarks tab on the left. Groups are listed on the top of the page:

2) Add a custom ASIN

If you are not doing any researches right now and know exactly what product do you want to save - use this menu at the bottom of the Bookmarks page of the Product Finder page:

3) From the Extension

The most popular way to save products is directly in the Extension. Once you found something interesting while surfing the Amazon pages, hit the extension so will get an easily navigated window:

Once bookmarked, your products:

  • will be stored in groups and accessible in one click;

  • always up-to-date, as we refresh the data every hour;

  • can be exported to CSV anytime.

Ready to create your first Bookmark? Go for it!

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