IO Scout database has millions and millions of Amazon products. With more than 15 filters you can narrow it down to what you need.

Product database

Click on Find on the left side of IO Scout web app and open the Product finder tab. Product finder is designed for searching for best-selling products and niches to enter. In order to find products to match your requirements, use Filters in the upper part of the Find section.

Filtering in Product Database

Filtering by Category

Filtering by Category provides you with the possibility to narrow down product results according to the chosen categories on Amazon.

Filtering by Category you can:

  • Choose the categories you are interested in

  • Leave all checkboxes unticked to see the results in all Categories

  • Choose all categories except the ones you want to avoid

Pro tip for beginners

You may want to avoid categories with complicated products, such as:

  • Appliances

  • Automotive

  • Camera & Photo

  • Cell Phones & Accessories

  • Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

  • Computers & Accessories

  • Electronics

  • Grocery & Gourmet Food

Filtering by Price

Use Price filter to narrow down the results and look for products in an acceptable price range for you.

Pro tip for beginners

  • Products that cost less than $20 are usually low-margin products

  • Products that cost a lot are likely to require larger initial investments

Rating analysis

Use rating to find:

  • Products that you can improve to have a competitive advantage

  • Products that are of good quality, which give you insights on what people like

Filtering by Reviews

Narrow down the number of Reviews to find products that you can compete with. To have comparable sales per month, you would need to get approximately the same number of reviews.

Filtering by Weight

If you understand what FBA fees you are expecting, or you have a favorite freight company and their pricing depends on weight, use filtering by weight to narrow down your search results. Otherwise, you can leave it blank for further research.

Filtering by Revenue

Revenue filter can be used to find products that correlate with your investment capacity. For example, if you have $1,000 for initial product purchase, search for products that generate at least $3,000 so you could have some margin, money for fees, taxes, marketing etc.

Filtering by Sales

If you want to start from the other side, you can find products that make particular sales amount per month. Such an approach is useful for stock planning and may also help you with calculating your initial investment capacity.

Search title or ASIN

Use this filter to find and analyze niches, competition, revenue, reviews and other niche parameters. Alternatively, you can use it to find particular products by ASIN or its title.

Exclude keywords

Use this field to exclude some products from the results page. For example, if you search for "guitar" you may want to exclude "stand", or "mic" from the results to find products, which match your precise criteria.

Filtering by Brand

Check out some particular Brand product line to look after competitors, or check out what to order from your supplier.

Filtering by tier

Use filtering by tier to choose from products with less delivery difficulties, cost and fees, but higher competition (Standard tier) or more complex products with lower competition (Oversized tier).

Filtering by delivery type

Look for products that are fulfilled by merchants (FBM) to improve on that or for the products that are fulfilled by Amazon (FBA). Products that are sold by Amazon are in a separate group so you could filter them out to avoid tough competition right away.

Advanced filters

With handy advanced filters you can quickly:

  • find products that have no BuyBox seller

  • find products that are out of stock

  • hide variations to ease up the analysis by choosing "Unique products" filter

First available IO Scout offers the possibility to find new products or well-established ones using the First available filter. If there is a brand new product with lots of sales, you may consider entering the market. Alternatively, find products with stable sales, ensuring solid future for your new product.

Save filters

After you apply the required filters, feel free to save them and load them the next time you use IO Scout in order to avoid filling them in over and over again. When saving your applied filters, you can name the filter set in order to instantly find it the next time.

To reset all filters click Reset filter:

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