Explore what Amazon users are searching for with the Keyword Finder. Keyword finder helps Amazon sellers with exploring new niches and confirming niche ideas as well as building rockstar listings.

To start exploring the keywords, all you need to do is to add keywords you would like to explore using the “add keywords” row. In case you are looking for a more precise list of keywords, use the “exclude keywords”. For instance, you can exclude the specific brand names. If you are going to target specific search volumes, you can use the minimum and maximum exact search volume. You may either target popular keywords or rather specific ones.

Click on "Search" to receive your keywords results or click on "Reset" in case you want to start the search from scratch. Please note that “Search” will only work once at least the “add keywords” is filled in.

Once the search returns the results, you will be able to analyze the following data for each keyword:

  • Keyword - what the users are searching for

  • Broad search volume - the number of times the broad variation of the keyword was searched for on Amazon in the past 30 days. Broad variation of the keyword includes additional words in the keyword

  • Exact search volume - the number of times this exact keyword has been searched on Amazon in the past 30 days

  • CPC - is an approximate sum of money that advertisers are paying to bid on this keyword. It helps to compare different keywords in terms of marketing cost projections

  • Competition - the number of advertisers bidding on each keyword, relative to all keywords. It helps you understand how competitive the keyword is and compare it to other keywords. The higher the number - the higher the competition is

In case you would like to have more enriched data about the keywords, such as the keyword trends within the last 12 months or reuse the keywords in the Listing Builder, bookmark them so they are added to the Keyword Tracker. To add a specific keyword to tracked keywords (bookmarks), use the bookmark icon next to the keyword or the checkbox next to the keyword and the "Add to bookmarks" at the top of the list.

Add chosen bookmarks to the existing keywords folder or create a new folder. Store keywords in separate folders so that you can segment them according to your needs.

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