In case you need to build your own listings on Amazon (in case you are a Private Label seller or a Wholesale seller), IO Scout Listing Optimization is here to help.

IO Scout Listing Optimization Service is a tool that allows you to design a new listing with the help of Listing Optimization Canvas. Listing Optimization Canvas is a predesigned set of text rows that outlines the required parameters to be filled in. Each row has a limit of characters and it’s easy to see how many you have used and if there is anything remaining. Use Listing Optimization Canvas to design your next bestseller. It’s recommended to follow the general recommendations when building listings.

To start building your next listing by clicking on "Import keywords".

Choose the keywords folder you want to start with by choosing the group and clicking on "Import group to Listing optimization". Only one group of keywords is allowed to be used.

Your keywords and their search volume are available to your left. Once any of the keywords is used in the canvas to your right, it will be crossed out so that you know that it was used. All unique words from the keywords are also available for you. Once you use them, they will also be crossed out.

Work on your template for the next bestseller! It's recommended to follow Amazon's instructions and to fill in all tabs as well as use all available characters.

To save the template to come back to it later, click on "Save template". In case you would like to open a saved template, simply click on "Open saved template".

To copy the text from the template and paste it to Amazon, use the copy to clipboard button next to each tab.

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