"Chrome Extensions" is a link to IO Scout Google Chrome extension in Chrome Web Store. Install IO Scout Chrome Extension to analyze products without leaving the Amazon website.

In addition to all the features available in the web app, you can do almost everything right on Amazon pages.

In the minimized version, IO Scout Chrome Extension shows niche performance in a convenient small window in the right corner.

In maximized view, you can see each product’s metrics as well as calculate each products fees and net without leaving Amazon pages using the FBA Calculator. To do that, simply click on “Calculate fees” next to the product details.

IO Scout Chrome Extension provides you with the possibility to remove unwanted products from the list, or instantly add the ones you are interested in to the bookmarks.

When you open the product page, you can instantly check out its historical data to see trends, and additional meaningful data.

You can minimize the extension on this page to see only main numbers

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