FBA Calculator is a free tool to calculate the net and margin for an Amazon product based on ASIN.

The art of profit calculation includes precise understanding of the fees you are going to pay for Amazon services. They include storing, packaging and delivering your product as well as serving the customer.

Amazon charges for:

  1. Amazon Referral Fee

  2. Variable Closing Fee

  3. Monthly Storage Fee

  4. Fulfillment Fee

To calculate the fees and net, you need to enter the product ASIN and click on “Find”:

Once the calculation is done, fill in additional information required, such as:

  • Ship to Amazon

  • Cost of product

  • Other expenses (Marketing, packaging etc.)

This will allow you to calculate the net and margin more precisely. In case you are considering editing the selling price, you can do this, which will allow you to recalculate the metrics instantly.

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